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History of Struggle Street straighten Aceh
DR. Husaini Hasan [Actor History, based in Sweden]
Thursday, July 14, 2011 00:00 PM

This paper is intended to straighten out the existence of an understanding of the Governing Council of the Free Aceh Movement (MP-GAM). Regrettably, the ambitions of power some people who are dilingkaran struggle movements has led to disputes between the members of GAM. Even innocent people become victims, too, is slander. This paper is intended to open the disgrace of others, especially it concerns the existence of comrades in arms. But given the history kesimpang-siuran deliberately created, which may be a result of the infiltration of foreign interests in order to disrupt the internal consolidation, this paper would have me write. It is said again today, the news has progressed fictitious Acehnese society, and yet there are those who have dared to straighten the authority of history. The late M. Hasan Tgk di Tiro never told "something is wrong will be right, when most people say is true, otherwise known truth must be upheld even though we are the only one".A little flash back, MP-GAM is an organ formed in Kuala Lumpur in 1999, by the senior GAM is still loyal to the struggle. The initiative is the establishment of the panel considering the health condition of anticipatory attitude Guardian began to decline due to a stroke in August 1997, coupled with the
fact rancunya consolidation struggle after being taken over by Malik Mahmud.Malik has to get rid of 90% relative loyalists fight in Stockholm and Malaysia, including the Army Commander Tgk. M. Daud Husin. Some important figures earlier generations no longer have a place. Instead Malik began to build a hegemonic power with the people who are relatively easy to control. Indirectly, we may conclude that Malik has done Coup Line Leadership.Many people forget or do not know that (late) Tgk. Hasan M. Tiro had been formed in the State Assembly and signed a decree on March 17, 1979, shortly before he went abroad. The decree is affirmed that the State Wali conditions are absent, for example due to illness or out of the country, the government is run by the Council of Ministers (Council of Ministers), which is headed by the Prime Minister with some of the Deputy Prime Minister. Under conditions remain absent, such as death, the leadership was replaced successively according to seniority ranking is determined as follows: Prime Minister-1 (PM-1): Dr. Mokhtar Y. Hasbi, Deputy PM-1: Tgk. Haji Ilyas Leube, Deputy PM-2: Dr. Husaini Hasan, Vice-PM-3: Dr. Zaini Abdullah, and Deputy PM-4: Dr. Mahmud Zubir.This sequence is governed by the seniority of leadership in the Central Comittee National Liberation Front of Atjeh Sumatra. It is stated in the book "The Unfinished Diary of the Tgk. Hasan di Tiro ", edition 1982 219 pages. The same book was republished in 1986 but with some changes to the content and substance of the reasons and justification of Pragmatism and the interests of power.The decree also confirmed and signed by the Minister in the Assembly meeting in jeans Peureulak territory early in 1980, two months after Tgk. Hasan went out of the country. The meeting was attended by Dr. Mokhtar Y. Hasbi, Tgk. Haji Ilyas Leube, Dr. Husaini Hasan, and Dr. Zubir Mahmud. While dr. Zaini Abdullah was in Pidie area with Tgk. Mohammad Daud Husin. Other ministers have been arrested as part Tgk. Mohammad Tahir Husin, or imprisoned as Tgk Muhammad Lampoih Awe and some have been "down the mountain".Two other ministers remain in Singapore, namely Malek Mahmud and his brother, Amir Mahmud. The initiator of the establishment including the MP-GAM Tgk Mahmud Idris (Regional Governor Peureulak), Tgk. Muhammad Mahmud (Chief of Regional Peureulak), Tgk. Krueng Abdullah (Chairman of the Assembly of People Tuha in Kuala Lumpur), Tgk. Robert Suryadarma (commander of Aceh Besar), Tgk. Amin Sulaiman (Commander of the territory Batee Iliek) and a number of Libyan officials first batch of graduates.These institutions function as the Emergency Government Council when the supreme leader of the movement in a state of in-absentia. Disaming, the initiative is also a response to the weakening of the consolidation under the leadership of Mahmoud Malek. Malek has been a radical change of all previously existing line of leadership. A number of documents the results of the meeting have been sent to the Headquarters of GAM in Europe for further approval. Headquarters to discuss the documents and decided to support the existence of the Assembly.Approval of the MB is left of discontent in the leadership of Malik Mahmud circle that leads to the murder Tgk. Haji Usman Pasi, Tgk. Abdul Wahab and Teuku Don Zulfahri. Furthermore, MP-GAM vilified as agents of Jakarta, in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and agreed to accept autonomy for Aceh. No doubt, this libel was sustained so that the resulting threats and scapegoating for any failure of GAM's struggle.But today, people can judge for yourself, who actually accept the autonomy of Aceh? Or who betray the Proclamation of 1976, and dissolve the Resistance?.While the movement is guided by Malek Mahmud and Zaini Abdullah has also been disbanded and replaced by the Aceh Party (PA), which today are preoccupied with some pragmatic agenda, such as the Governor took the chair.Hopefully, this short article helpful to young people of Aceh, especially in view of the history of Aceh in an objective and free from these slanders by interested groups. As one of the actors of history, I feel this needs to be clarified in order-ideals of sovereignty as a nation achieve self worth, and in order menwujudkan peace and justice, we can accomplish together. There are many things I could share (sharing) and we need to discuss further, based on data and facts. We also ask God to forgive him..Some independent fighters Atjeh 70s asked me to convey the real Malik Mahmud who is touted as Meuntroe Malek. Without wishing to spread gossip let alone slander, but because of good intentions and sincerity for the sake of the younger generation who will come Aceh and for the sake of consistency of the attitude of the old warrior AM then I submit the facts of life according to the experience that I know of so far.Malik Mahmud far as Meuntroe Malek menggelari himself even in the draft Qanun Wali nanggroe designed by the majority of children placed Aceh Party as Prime Minister Malik Mahmud and after the death of His Majesty Majesty Malik Mahmud Hasan Tiro then be prepared to replace it. When in fact his real name is Bin Mahmud alias Khila Haytar Bin Malik Mahmud. She lives with her mother in Singapore, not how fluent Aceh. Her father was of Indian descent who was born in Aceh. She used to be carpenters tenteng (carry) bag Hasan Tiro. He was the mastermind of the fund citations contract workers Acehnese in Malaysia since 1985. He is also the mastermind behind the events Semenyih (Malaysia) in 1997 at the expense of dozens of Aceh. Since his illness Wali Hasan Tiro country in 1997, then the practical command of GAM in his hands.GAM step movement under the leadership of Malik Mahmud (MM) is very much different from the GAM which we led in the beginning (I and Hasan Tiro and other fighters AM). Although the name of MM has been listed as a Minister of State in 1976, but that makes MM influential in the GAM began in 1987, when he got an assignment to recruit young people of Aceh and from Malaysia to be trained in Libya and from Libya were returned to Aceh. All this before they go home to Aceh also have to go through MM. All youth training Libyan leader knows only MM AM, did not know the ins and outs of ideology AM apatah longer history of Pre AM. It is no wonder that the struggle of TNA under the line MM is different than from its original purpose. In broad outline MM GAM broke away from the people. They showed themselves as the rulers and the people dictate.Anyone who defied direct action. There are only two choices: run a command or set taxes or orphaned son, lost his father. Not only to the people, even to a different opinion compatriots immediately shifted, maligned and quite a few are sentenced to death. Examples of compatriots who I mean: T. Don Zulfahri, Tgk. Haji Usman, Tgk. Abdul Wahab, Tgk. Abdullah Shafii etc.. Rahman Guraa trapped vilified and put in prison up to Malaysia. Tgk. Daud Husin vilified and removed from office and ordered to kill. The alleged killing of big Djafar Siddik SH, Prof. Safwan Idris, and Prof. Dr. Daud Dayan was nothing to do with power struggles among the people of Aceh and in an effort to purge political opponents MM.MM background is less obvious and basic education has not been proven to make MM judged by the old warrior AM is not worth his place as now. Although we are not so close like him with his young son GAM is now widely recruited by him long ago. Therefore, we intend to uncover the facts in that forum either credible or not worthy of the young men hoping Aceh remain vigilant on all persuasions and incitement laden personal interests of people who "claim" as a fighter Aceh.Aceh may remain always under his protection from the bad guys and the damned. God willing.Dr. Husaini HasanThe author is Minister of Education in 1976 the armed Free Aceh

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